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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Piece of Art

ASM-Gallery is an art gallery with a focus on professional and amateur artists.

Our art specialization – is modern art, realism, and neo-expressionism.

Our curatorial team has a history of different art projects and worked with different galleries located in Germany, Thailand, and Russia.


Our Motto The art knows no boundaries.

Curators always face the problem not only to choose the right artist for a fair or project but also with the delivery of works.  The online presentation totally solved this problem.

Деревья в озере

Our exhibition program

Art knows no boundaries.

Therefore each month we start our program Curatorial monthly fair”.

The best artworks from the Gallery collections will be selected by our curators and presented on social media and on the main page of our gallery.


We love to support our community, but I try to show whoever feels right, regardless of whether we know them personally, where they are located, etc.

We don’t have a strict guide to how we construct our programming. Ideas are formed together and apart. There is a lot of generative feedback exchanged between our team.

Meet The Curators


Anastasia Strizhkova

Founder & CEO

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Tamara Tanatarova

Co-founder, curator


Ekaterina Borisova

Art tutor, artist, curator 

Our Partners

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