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Trust in the creative flow. Everything you want is hidden inside us. All you should do is just not to interfere with the birth of a new one.

Andriyanets-Buyko Alisa was born in Leningrad (Russia), May 11, 1985.
Currently lives and works in St. Petersburg.

The city of poets, artists and creators fills every day with its creative mood. It can be sadness and spleen that give rise to a storm of fantasies and the desire to make bright, juicy paintings that fill the space with energy, feelings and drive.
Architecture, geometry and monochrome hometown reflected in the artist’s passion in front of black and white graphics.

The birth of children has opened a new stream of creative energy. This led to the emergence of an authoring drawing technique called "Intuitive Graphics."

The artist's specialization is the style of sketch art and lineart. Abstraction and characters that are born from a stream of intuitive graphics.

The conciseness and purity of the lines gives ease to her paintings, and the characters will give you a piece of a fairy tale or an interesting story that you can tell your children.

One of the features of the artist's graphics is a drawing in the style of Alla Prima. “You take a pen or a liner in your hand and simply surrender to an unconscious stream. Each line is unique, it is a continuation of you, it is part of the picture. There are no crooked lines or going in the wrong direction. There are lines that give birth to new, previously unknown to you. New lines give birth to new you and new creativity”.

Since 2010, participating in art exhibitions.
Repeated participant and winner of jewelry competitions (as a designer of jewelry): Jewelry Olympus, Image and Form, Junwex (Moscow, St. Petersburg).
Member of the Creative Union of Creative Artists.




2022 “Country art”, Urbanfresco
2022 “The Selfie Method”, Urbanfresco
2022 “Art outside of politics”,
2020 "Black and White" 2020 Show, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.
2020 “75th Anniversary of the Great Victory!”, St. Petersburg Union of Designers.
2016 "Jewelry Art and Miniature Forms", Bulthaup Design Gallery.
2014 "Portrait of an armchair. If Matisse came to visit us”, JAM HALL Gallery.
2013 Juice Bar, St. Petersburg.
2013 "Front Garden", JAM HALL Gallery.
2013 "The History of a Still Life", Gallery of the Center for Books and Graphics on Liteiny.
2012 "RGB", Gallery of the Center for Books and Graphics on Liteiny.
2012 “The Spirit of Stone”. South Karelia Museum
2012 "TEA COFFEE...". JAM HALL Gallery.
2011 "Seaweed". DO - gallery.
2011 "Bridges and Reflections". JAM HALL Gallery.
2010 "The form". Pavilion under the flag on Elagin Island.

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