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Aleksandra Svetlichnaya


Oil and acrylic paintings depicting my native land as well as other inspirations in my life (South of India, Italian Tuscany, Austrian Alps) , paintings in the style of impressionism, still life, abstract and interior paintings. My paintings have also been influenced by my work with children. Their freedom of thought and flight of fancy, simplicity and clarity of the image. Another huge inspiration for my art came from a year in my life that I spent in amazing and fascinating India.

Born in a small town in the middle of the southern Russian steppe.
Graduated from an art school at the turn of the noughties, led by locally renowned teacher and artist Elena Susina. Later on, studied at the University of Service and Entrepreneurship in the field of Graphic Design and obtained a degree as a Graphic Designer. In parallel graduated from the Moscow Academy of Professional competencies with a degree as a Teacher of Fine Arts and Design.
I constantly strive to broaden my knowledge and learn new techniques. I completed Professional Development Courses on Interior Painting and Art Botany. Currently take lessons of academic oil painting from the teacher Igor Saharov as well as a training program in Texture Painting.

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