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Alena Saltseva


I strive to inspire the viewers, focus their attention on a special individuality, originality and emphasize every detail where lies the beauty of our world, the one that, unfortunately, vanish in the turmoil of a seething life.

Since childhood, I had a love for music, which led me to a music school, and then to the music department of a pedagogical college. As I grew older, so did my interests. Eventually I got a
In addition to music, plants were among my hobbies. Having received a diploma in landscape design, I settled to my work. I took part in the regional competition "Arta Prize 2016", where I took the first place in the "Completed Project" nomination. Among other things, I discovered the techniques of glass engraving, stained glass painting, compositions from artificial plants,
and in 2019 epoxy resin joined my life. It captured my heart, mind and soul. Resin is aI, like any other artist, wanted to show my work to people in order to get their feedback. So I became a member of the International Association of Artists working in all areas of creativity.

Alena Saltseva



30.01.2023 - 05.02.2023 - "Talent of Russia"
14.01.2023 - 22.02.2023 - "Kurort"

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