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Alisa Mustafina


My Passion for creating landscapes is inspired by the belief that the energy, spirit, admiration, love and care put into an artwork, with each stroke of the paint-brush, would be felt by viewer, would be reflected in their heart and thoughts, resulting in the awakening of beautiful feelings from within.
It is my belief that painting is a beacon that is able to shed light on a soul lost in deepest darkness.

lisa Mustafina was born on May 30, 1991 in the town of Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo region, Russia. She currently lives and works in the town of Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region.
From the age of 4 she studied at the “Meta” art studio for children in her hometown Prokopyevsk. However, Alisa decided not to study art professionally.
During her studies at the institute, she participated in the student exchange program "Work & Travel USA" three times, and then went to the USA for a one year internship program. She lived in the small town of Portland, Maine, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, what provided inspiration for a new creative stage.
Now Alisa is a self-taught visual artist. She paints realistic landscapes. The main technique is oil on canvas.
Alisa has held over 20 solo exhibitions in the cities of Kemerovo region, as well as participated in more than ten collective exhibitions on various topics. She regularly participates in art competitions and get awards what inspires her to develop her art skills and continue sharing her love for the nature through her paintings.

Alisa Mustafina



Solo art shows:

1. May - June 2022: SEC "Edem", Novosibirsk
2. April 2022: MBUK "DK Academy"
3. February - May 2021: MBUK "House of Culture - Koltsovo", r.p. Koltsovo
4. December - January 2020 - 2021: SAUK KO "Dramteatr", Prokopyevsk
5. March - August 2020: UIA "DK G. SALAIRA", Salair
6. December 2019: MBUK Kuznetsk Fortress Museum-Reserve, Novokuznetsk
7. October - November 2019: MBU exhibition hall "Museum", Kaltan
8. December - January 2019 - 2020: MBU exhibition hall "Museum", Kaltan
9. December 2019: MBUK Kuznetsk Fortress Museum-Reserve, Novokuznetsk
10. April - May 2019: Central City Library. N. V. Gogol, Novokuznetsk
11. March-April 2019: UIA "Palace of Culture named after. Mayakovsky, Novokuznetsk
12. December 2018: Personal meeting and tour of the exhibition of his works in English to study the center for additional education (foreign languages) "Advance", CEC "Vernissage", Prokopyevsk
13. November - January 2018-2019: Cultural and Exhibition Center "Vernissage", Prokopyevsk
14. September - October 2018: Scientific Library at the Kemerovo State Medical University, Kemerovo
15. July - August 2018: Kemerovo Regional Scientific Library. Fedorova
16. June 2018: UIA "Palace of Culture of Miners", Kemerovo
June 17, 2018: Personal meeting and exhibition in English for a delegation from the Chinese Institute of Geography and Natural Resources Research (Beijing) as part of their cultural program, Commonwealth Cultural Palace, Beijing. Kemerovo
18. May - June 2018: Palace of Culture "Commonwealth", Kemerovo
19: February - March 2018: National Art Gallery, Myski
20. November 2017: MBUK "Exhibition Hall", Mezhdurechensk
21. July - September 2017: City Museum of Local Lore of Kiselevsk
22. August 2017: Exhibition of reproductions, CIEE head office, Almaty, st. Portland, Maine, USA
23. May - June 2017: UIA Cultural and Leisure Center "Rural House of Culture", p. Terentievskoe
24. March 2017: Prokopyevsk Central Library System
25. November - December 2016 : MBUDO "Art School No. 18", Osinniki
26. June - August 2016: SAUK KO "Dramatheatr", Prokopyevsk
03/27/2016: Cultural and Exhibition Center "Vernissage", Prokopyevsk
28. October 2015: MBUK "Palace of Culture" Yasnaya Polyana ", Prokopyevsk, within the framework of the III Interregional festival-competition" Legends of Siberia "
03/29/2015: MBUK "Palace of Culture" Yasnaya Polyana ", Prokopyevsk

Participation in group exhibitions

1. March 2015: Participation and winner in the nomination "Winter" in the international online exhibition-competition "Seasons". . Virtual Art Salon
2. August 2016: XXVI city art exhibition dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the city of Prokopyevsk, Exhibition and Convention Center "Vernissage", Prokopyevsk
3. November 2016: Regional exhibition-fair of folk crafts and arts and crafts "Master and Apprentices", City Museum of Local Lore, Mezhdurechensk. Laureate II degree
4. January 2017: Participation and winner in the international online exhibition-competition "Light in the winter darkness". International Gallery
5. August 2017: City exhibition in honor of the Miners' Day, Prokopyevsk
6. August 2018: Art exhibition "Arbat" in honor of the holiday "City Day", Prokopyevsk
7. November 2018: City exhibition in honor of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the cultural and exhibition center "Vernissage", CEC "Vernissage", Prokopyevsk
8. May 2019: Regional festival-competition of folk art "Towards the anniversary", Kaltan
9. November 2019: II All-Russian competition of masters of fine and decorative arts "Autumn Russia". Laureate II degree

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