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Painting, which for me has meaning and appeal, is located at the junction of East and West - it is a mystery of symbolism multiplied by the charm of sensuality.

Born in Borisoglebsk, Russia.
I live in Moscow, Russia.

I traveled across the vast expanses of Russia from Blagoveshchensk in the east to Kaliningrad in the west. Later I traveled outside of Russia. And nowhere have I found anything that could surprise and impress me more than my native landscapes. Because it is through Russia that East and West unite.
And this is an inexhaustible topic for me.

I studied painting at the Children's Art School and at the ZNUI University of Arts. I took lessons from masters working with various materials and techniques.
I am developing my online art studio. For beginners, I use a unique technique based on the Eastern tradition.
I am a member of two creative unions. International creative association of artists ASM-club. And the Italian Cultural Association EOS.



2023 May-June - participated in the exhibition “Earth: Regeneration. Ver.23"
Darwin Museum. Moscow
2023 March - took part in the exhibition "I AM WOMAN. I AM UNIVERSE" Gallery OPPORTUNITIES LAB, Moscow
2023 February - took part in the exhibition "Tales of Winter" LINES Gallery, St. Petersburg
2022 December - took part in the exhibition "Christmas Miracle", Gallery Golden duck, Budapest, Hungary
2022 November - took part in the exhibition "Orange Mood" Gallery of EOS, Parma, Italy
2022 July-August - took part in the exhibition "Perfect Summer" LINES Gallery, St. Petersburg
2022 May-June - participated in the exhibition “EARTH: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. why?" Darwin Museum. Moscow
2022 April - took part in the exhibition “By the Selfie method” ASM-GALLERY Space URBANFRESCO. Moscow
2021-22 December-January - participated in the NFT-elka project ( ) charity project by Nikas Safronov and Artsalermaster, Moscow.
2018 September-October - took part in an exhibition at the Moscow Nagornaya Gallery, presenting her works and the works of the students of her art studio in the exhibition.
2015-2016 December-January - accepted the offer of a personal exhibition at the Moscow Center for Creative Initiatives “Perspektiva“ on the topic: "Wu-Xing painting - the origins of ancient Chinese philosophy and European tradition.”

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