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Ana HJ27


The author's credo is the relationship between people, emotions, politics and genetics transferred to canvas with oil or acrylic.

Anastasiya Hrynenka

I first realized that I wanted to become an artist when I was 17 years old in 2008 when I entered the College of Light Industry in Belarus. Then I entered the profession of a fashion designer. I did not finish my studies because of the unwillingness to study and the desire to spend my life in clubs and parties.
Three years later, having radically changed my life, being a raw-food vegan, I again felt a call to creativity.
My first paintings were on the theme: "Human, nothing more then human", and emotional relationships between people. Then I realized who I would be for the rest of my life.
Very quickly, my friends placed my paintings in several bars in my hometown of Slutsk, and also began to receive orders from other people and institutions. Then I registered in the Minsk online gallery and to my surprise, the paintings began to be bought, and several of them went to Europe.

In 2019, I met my fiancé in Spain and the move began, which affected my work - half of the paintings were in Belarus, and half in Europe.
Now we live in Lisbon and this is a new page in my work, although it did not start very pleasantly - they “threw” me on five large paintings, paying only for materials.
This is what brought me here!

Ana HJ27



ArtMinsk 2021
Mosayko Arte 2021, Sotogrande, Spain
Autumn Salon 2020

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