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Anastasiia Kirillova


My artistic approach is based on the creation of a subjectively comfortable reality from the plots of life. In the cautious dialogue with classic art.

I was born in Saint Petersburg in 1983.
I have been drawing since childhood. My first teacher was my dad - a design engineer by education and professional activity and an artist at heart. Volume, proportions, light and shadow - I learned all this from him.
After that there were various art studios, courses and personal lessons from professional artists.

I received my higher education in the specialty "History of Western European and Russian Culture" at St. Petersburg State University (2008).
A deep cultural and historical basis is a characteristic feature of my exaggerated decorative style.

I am Inspired by the works of Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Modigliani, Frida Kahlo, old masters of Northern Europe.
Another great love for me is European art of the Middle Ages.

I love people and cities. Portrait in a cityscape. But I don’t set myself any rigid boundaries in my work.

I am happy to share my creativity with You. This is my life. And if you want to make my work a part of your life, I’ll do everything necessary for you to get the picture safe and sound in due time!

Saint Petersburg State University (2008)

Studied under: Larisa Berlin, Vitaliy Valge.

Anastasiia Kirillova



- Participant of the projects: "Art Residence -" House by the Sea» (2022), KUNST GEGEN POLITIK (2022), Earth: Rebirth. State Darwin Museum. Moscow (2023).

- Finalist of the competition of the Museum of Contemporary Art ARTMUZA (St. Petersburg) "Everything will be fine" (2022)

- Author of the work "My Evening Tea April 15, 2019", presented in the personal collection of paintings by the European collector of contemporary art Raivis Zabis.

- “By the selfie method” (Moscow, Urbanfresco gallery, 2022);
- “(U) Country Art” (Moscow, Urbanfresco gallery, 2022);
- SOMA (St. Petersburg, "Molbert" gallery, 2022);
- “White Night Dream” (St. Petersburg, Gostinka-Art Gallery, 2022);
- "Perfect Summer" (St. Petersburg, LINES gallery, 2022);
- FEMINA (St. Petersburg, "Molbert" gallery, 2022);
- "Russian evil" (St. Petersburg, gallery "Artists 24", 2022);
- "Les Miserables Insight" (St. Petersburg, Art Space Moskovsky 93, 2022);
- "The Miracle of Christmas" (Budapest, Golden duck gallery, 2022);
- “Everything will be fine” (St. Petersburg, Museum of Contemporary Art Artmuza, 2022).
- "Winter Tales: Between Sleep and Reality" (St. Petersburg, Lines Gallery, 2023)

- "Container 1-3" (St. Petersburg 2023)
- "EARTH: Rebirth" (Moscow, State Darwin Museum, 2023)

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