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Andrey Lyssenko


I open up to the world in my work through an individual energy message. The energy that I address to the world in my pictorial expression is sincere and vital.

Painter, art critic.
Academican, Ambassador of Mondial Art Academia in Russia. Corresponding Member of International Academy of Culture and Art. (I.A.C.A.)
Born in Moscow January 17,1974
Currently lives and works in Moscow

Moscow Academic Art Lyceum under patronage of State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov. (fin. 1992)
Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, under patronage of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. (fin. 1998)
Likhachev Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage.(fin 2022)
-Order of the International Academy of Culture and Art "For service to art"
-Gold MAA medal (For victory in the international competition of the academy, in the category "figurative painting".
Paintings by Andrey Lyssenko are in the collection of the museum in Italy, in the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve, in the Akbars Gallery Museum, in the Sergiev Posad Museum-Reserve. In the collection of the International Foundation for Research in the Sphere of Culture and Art, the Cultural Heritage Foundation, in the collection of the Spiral Foundation (It.), in selected private and corporate collections in Russia, France, Italy, Canada, Holland, USA.

Andrey Lyssenko



-2023 Solo Exhibition «Dynasty». Abramtsevo Museum-Reserv. Hotkovo
-2018 Solo Exhibition «My worlds», Moscow
-2015 Solo exhibition in general representation office of bank “Sberbank”, Moscow
-2015 Solo Exhibition “Road to the greeting”. Cultural Centre “Dubrava” Sergiev-Posad
-2009 Solo Exhibition “Contrasts of reality ”. Central Artists House.Moscow

The main exhibitions:
-2023 Russia is my motherland. Moscow
-2022 Planet Rus. gallery. Lyubertsy. Russia
-2021 Planet Rus. All-Russian Historical and Ethnographic Museum. Torzhok
-2020 Planet Rus. Nizhny Novgorod
-2018 Artists of the Moscow Region" New Jerusalem Museum
-2017 Slovakia in the work of Russian artists. In the Snin Palace. Slovakia
-2017 Orthodox Russia. Dmitrovsky Kremlin Museum-Reserve. Dmitrov
-2015 Exhibition under Patronage of International Academy of Culture and Art, Ministry of Moscow-regional Culture in General Moscow-Region Concert Hall “Krokus Expo” dedicaded to Memory ov Victory in WW-2.
-2014 "Inspired by Moscow Environs". In Mosow Region Goverment house. Generaly produced by Publishing Corporation "Moscow Region".Krasnogorsk
- 2014 “Dynasties of Abramtsevo artists” State Museum “Abramtsevo”.

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