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I have always been interested in finding the meaning of life and freedom of spirit. I was engaged in spiritual practices with famous gurus, but painting is the best of all practices. With my works, I want to evoke positive emotions in the viewer due to a bright brushstroke and contrasting images of nature , to encourage the viewer to meditate and self-knowledge, at the same time successfully decorate the space .

My name is Irina Chigirina, creative pseudonym AnimaArt.
She started painting in 2012, tried ee as therapy after difficult life circumstances, and then could not do without it. For 10 years, a large number of paintings have been painted, I participated in four exhibitions. Many works are in private collections .
I studied full-time and online with famous artists, at the Italian-Russian Art school "Arteria", now I study at Oil Painting schools, at Let's paint school.
I write to order, I like to paint in oil from nature, my favorite theme is landscapes, since the beauty of nature gives the most powerful inspiration.
My main job is related to logistics, one of the directions of which is
assistance in customs clearance, issuing permits and moving modern works and cultural values (paintings, decorative and applied art objects)
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1. EARTH exhibition. artificial intelligence. WHY in the Darwin Museum in Moscow
2. Exhibition "By the selfie method".Urbanfresco Gallery Moscow
3. The exhibition "Successful art".Urbanfresco Gallery .Moscow

1.Exhibition "Artists of the New Time" St. Petersburg
2. The exhibition "How I spent the summer" Gallery Easel.Saint-Petersburg
3. Exhibition "Colors of Autumn" St. Petersburg

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