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Anna Antifejeva


The intermediary between my vision and feelings about the beauty of nature and other wonderful and amazing moments to the emotions of the viewer. I paint with acrylic paints and watercolors.
I love the creative process of making beautiful things with my hands, and I derive a special pleasure from working with paints. It also helps me to express my emotions.

I was born in Liepaja, Latvia. Oil pastels, pencils, all kind of paints, all this was attracting me since childhood. I could spend hours painting view from the window, draw copies of photos or imagine paint plots. While growing up I was tending to get “proper” education, like most of us, suppressing artistic part of myself. However, soon or later, comes the moment, when it gets clear that it is time to live in love and harmony with yourself now. Since that moment I can’t imagine my life without an art and magic of paints. This is my love, my soul, my emotions, my life!
I like travel, hiking. I get inspiration from the nature, magnificent landscapes and flowers. It is so wonderful to picture a beautiful place on canvas, its scents and a puff of wind, and let viewers to feel my emotions and impression.
I mainly paint with acrylic paints, but sometimes, when my soul craves lightness and transparency, watercolors appear in my life. I am always ready to learn and evolve, explore my possibilities and enhance them.

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