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Anna Gofman


We are all made of the same cosmic matter as the planets. Have you ever thought that the Sun might be your uncle? How often do you send hello to the Moon? Sometimes I look at people and see shining stars instead, but how often do other people see the beauty around themselves? Is this a skill or a privilege of an artist?

Anna was born in 1984 in the Arctic region. Received strong academic skills in Art School. After graduating from a secondary school in 2000, paints and brushes were sent for long-term storage, and were rehabilitated only in 2015, when Anna realized that it was criminal to go against herself and.
In 2019, she left her beloved IT industry and engaged in fine art. Deciding to expand her understanding of fine arts, she turned her attention to Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy. She was fascinated by its conceptual simplicity and technical execution. In parallel with this, Anna was interested in digital painting.
She was engaged in portrait painting, landscapes, and still life. Studied with renowned masters.
Currently lives and works in northern Sweden.
Her special passion is a search for beauty in ordinary life and nature, and its transmission to the viewer. Anna is passionate about the play of light, color. She works with oil, watercolor and pastels. As her achievement, she considers the moment of admiration, inner harmony, purification and pure joy experienced by the viewer when looking at her paintings.
Member of the international association of artists ASM-Club.

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