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Anna Liss


Art has a healing power

My name is Anna Belikova. Liss (Fox) is my nickname, I like foxes, especially fennec, and I think I look like one) I also like nature and animals.

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1984. Graduated from a reputable university. I worked for ages on a job I didn’t like. Ironically, self-isolation helped me to find out what I really want.

When I was 9 I studied in the school of arts. It was the happiest time of my life, I adored pastel and watercolors. I painted animals and nature from life and was happy.

But my parents said I must study English because it’s more profitable. So I studied English and German for ages, but didn’t like it.

Now I am an artist, not a linguist. I spend all my free time learning. I got a certificate of a teacher of right brain drawing and started earning for a living by selling my paintings and teaching drawing.

I hope that sooner or later I’ll become a famous artist)) and my paintings will cost a fortune) Now they are not expensive, but drawn with love.

My sources of inspiration:
- pastel colors
- cozy home
- rain
- warm relationships, kindness, mutual support
- sky, the way it changes
- animals
- reminiscences of my childhood
- helping people to realize they are talented

My dreams:
to write a book that will help people to find themselves and cope with cruelty, criticism and violence they meet with
to create my unique style
to draw positive and inspiring paintings that can support people
that one day my paintings will cost a fortune:)

Anna Liss



Udachnoe iskusstvo (Russia, Moscow) May 2022
Po metodu selfi (Russia, Moscow) April 2022

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