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Anna Vol


"I find freedom in abstract painting. It bypasses figurative representations, allowing direct expression of emotions. My paintings are my voice, where emotions and passions merge with textures and colors.

Textured paintings hold a special place in my artistry. It break free from boundaries, transcending the ordinary. Each brushstroke and layer of color presents an opportunity to go beyond.

Colors and forms speak, reaching emotions instead of the intellect. Welcome to my rule-free world."

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Currently, I live and work in Germany.

My journey as an artist has been long and winding, as I started as an artist and eventually found my way back to it. I have been drawing since early childhood, and I won my first drawing competition at the age of five. There was always a line of people wanting to have my drawings, and they would quickly fly out of my hands, straight from the pencil. I have always preferred the style of realism.

— I completed my studies at the St. Petersburg State Professional College of Restoration "Kirovsky" (now renamed to St. Petersburg State Professional College of Restoration and Design) specializing in "Fine Arts Restoration." I also attended sculpture classes simultaneously.

— Later, I graduated from St. Petersburg State University, majoring in "Art Restoration." Alongside, I attended design classes at the university. — After obtaining my diploma, I worked as a web designer.

— I have created art dolls and later engaged in the restoration of antique dolls.

— Studying interior design logically brought me back to painting and served as a catalyst for a radical change in my style. Abstract art, abstract paintings, and textured paintings perfectly fit into modern interiors.

— Since 2020, I have been primarily focused on painting. I work with various techniques: drawing, watercolor, acrylic, and textured painting.

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