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Now the images of girls occupy a central place in the theme of my paintings.
I like to think through an idea, find examples and create an image. Then paint with acrylic paints, turning the idea into reality.
I want to convey in my works the feelings, emotions, warmth, passion, mood, character that women have.
I also paint abstract paintings. In them, without a specific plot, I convey the atmosphere, mood, associations. Abstraction is good because everyone will see their own. And that's fine.

I live in Vladivostok, in a city by the sea. I am inspired by nature, the sea, an active lifestyle.
I have been drawing since childhood. She studied design at the university, tried many different techniques and directions. This experience helped me to form an aesthetic and creative taste.
I found a love for painting pictures. Which I want to share with other people.
Drawing is a part of me. I love to create all my life. And I will continue, just enjoying the process. My goal is to fill this world with beauty, to give emotions, light and warmth. With my works, I want to bring a little joy and emotion into your life.

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