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Belozerova Oxana


Beauty at every point!
When you see something beautiful in nature, you always want to live and repeat in your own way. And I'm also a bit of a mystic and I love fairy tales, so I see them in every tree and blade of grass. And I tell you these fairy tales and hidden meanings through my works!

I was born in the family of an amateur artist, graduated from art school. After school, she entered the technical University and graduated as a technologist and porcelain designer. After graduation, she was engaged in the design of fireplaces, small plastics and teaching. In 2004, she defended her diploma at the Moscow Art School with a degree in advertising design. She worked as an animator designer in a company producing slot machines, and later took up packaging and CD design. In parallel, she was engaged in portrait, caricature and silhouette and made author's dolls for similarity. As an artist, she participated in exhibitions and promotions. Creative paintings in silhouette style

Belozerova Oxana



In 2022 participated in the international exhibition of portraits and caricatures in Romania "Urmuz"
In 2019 represented Russia as a silhouette artist in the capital of Thailand Bangkok at the Festival of Flowers.
In 2010, she won a prize in the international cartoon contest in Poland.

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