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Cherepanova Asya


I have always been able to explain complex
things in simple language. And this most likely
defined me in my profession and in life in general.
Making people's lives clearer and simpler is one of my
tasks as an interior designer. I once read a phrase that
became my motto: "the further I live, the more I
understand that only what is not difficult to understand is beautiful."
I want to do easy things. And to show people that there is so
much beauty and meaning in absolutely ordinary things

I was born in Kirov in 1982.
Since childhood, I loved to draw.
My parents said that my future would
be connected with this, and decided to
send me to a children's art school.
I studied there for 5 years and received
a diploma in the specialty "Artist".
I dreamed of becoming a fashion
designer, because I loved to draw
and invent clothes more than anything
else in the world. But everything turned
out differently. I was interested in the
profession of an interior designer.
I entered the Moscow Institute of
Humanities and Economics at the
faculty of "Environment Design",
as I planned to move to live in Moscow.
After graduating from the Institute in 2008,
I stayed to live and work in Moscow.
Since then, for more than 15 years I have
been doing my favorite thing - interior design.
At the same time, I was engaged in fashion
design, having opened my own atelier,
created several of my collections, and also
carried out private orders.
I've always been drawing, but about a year ago
I decided to do it seriously. I took a course on modern
painting techniques at Natalia Yurshina's school.
And now I'm creating my own unique and inimitable style,
making collages out of paper for interior decoration.

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