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Diana Pfaff


Spreading Love through Art

I was born to Latvia in 1978. Currently I am living in Germany near Bremen.

I first came to art as a full-time artist in 2019, while trying to express myself through various (artistic) mediums. I discovered an amazing and fascinating world of possibilities in abstract art and collages. It is important for me to tell a story through my paintings, to convey emotions through colors and transmit a certain feeling.

Through the signs and symbols, that I use in my paintings, I share important abstracts, such as love, hope, freedom, beliefs etc.

I work with mixed media using acrylic paints, modeling paste, rice-paper, gold leaf, natural leaves and other items, which are necessary to create a certain theme.

Diana Pfaff



2021 Charity Project "NFT-Christmas tree: Artists to artists"
2022 Exhibition "Kunst gegen Politik" (online)
2022 Helvetart April Exhibition (online)
2022 ASM Club Exhibition "Selfi" (online)

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