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ED (Elena Dunaeva)


Elena's paintings are painted with love and in a positive mood. Her paintings are created for human happiness, success in all spheres of life. Elena Dunaeva (ED) created her own image in a creative environment, an image close to the image of Mother Nature. Elena thus wants to show that she is the direct heiress of our generous Mother. Just like any loving mother, Elena wants to create for the benefit of her children, for the benefit of those living on Earth.

Elena was born in URSS (Volgograd) 14 Dicembre 1967, but from 2000 she lives in Italy.
Even if she was always an artist... she started a real painting in 2020. Since childhood she have been drawing and participated in various drawing competitions. She painted posters, school newspapers, various school objects... But she never went to an art school...
At the age of 50 she started to think about her old wish... She began to think that she would really like to paint. And it so happened that it was during the pandemic lockdown 2020 when she started to study on the painting courses, online first.
Elena copmpleted a paintig course at Alexander Grigoryev-Savrasov's Art School (2020-2021) and then studied (and continues to study) under Natalia Bazhenova (2022).
At the end of 2020 Elena sold her first painting. Now she've echieved much more targets in this directions. She has presented her personal painting exhibition at the Termal center of Rimini. She joined the Union of Artists of Rimini and region of RN and also partecipated in several painting competitions and exhibitions in Italy.

ED (Elena Dunaeva)



Participant selected for Biennale of the Sea 2022 in Bellaria (Rimini, Italy) 29 of July - 16 of August 2022.
Three paintings selected for international ehxibition in Perugia "Jazz Color Jazz", 7-18 July 2022.
Participant selected for International Award for Contemporary Art in Brera (Miland) 16-30 June 2022
Two paintings selected for national exhibition in Padova 21 may - 7 june 2022.
Paticipant selected for international art project "Kunst gegen Politik" 2022
Participant selected for the 2nd Edition of an art project "Earth 2021"
"The artificial Intelligence. Why?" in Moscow May-June 2022.
Painting selected for international art exhibition "Selfy-method" at Moscow 2022.
Participant selected for the exhibition at Art Venice Gallery
March-April 2022.
Personal exhibition at Rimini Terme in march 2022.
Collective exhibition at the centre "I Malatesta" of Rimini in january 13-23 of 2022.
Participant selected for NFT art project of Nikas Safronov "Christmas Tree" Dicember 2021-January 2022.
Collective exhibition at gallery of Verucchio (Rimini, Italy) dicember 2021-january 2022.
Participant selected for the exhibition of Italians painters at Martina Franca (Taranto, Italy) "Image Festival 11th edition" Dicember 2021.
Collective exhibition at "Astoria" of Rimini october-november 2021.
Personal exhibition at Rimini Terme in june 2021.

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