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Ekaterina Gamzaeva


The romance of Scandinavian landscapes, love for nature, the search for peace and harmony on the tops of mountains, in mysterious foggy forests, on the shores of mountain lakes, oceans, in every blade of grass and in every petal of a flower. Painting is my “natural” meditation, I return to my real self, my soul, listening to silence, immersed in work, mentally transported to that place, I feel a connection with nature, I feel like a part of it. Beauty around and beauty inside.

I was born and live in Russia. Since childhood, I could not imagine my life without drawing. I drew everything in a row, even at the age of 8-9 I myself made a book from a thick school notebook. There were my stories about animals with my author's illustrations, of course. All my school friends had my drawings, I really loved draw and give them.
By education, I am a teacher of vocational training in fashion design. During my studies I participated in the creation of clothing collections, I have the highest sewing category. After studying, I worked as a fashion designer in an atelier for some time. Then I worked as a T-shirt print designer at a textile factory. Then life connected me with graphic design and advertising design. However, throughout all this time, one thing really fascinated me - creativity. I devoted all my free time to brushes and paints. I tried many techniques on my own: batik, painting on wooden furniture, painting on ceramics and glass, and, of course, painting on paper with gouache, acrylic, watercolor and oil painting on canvas.
However, of all this variety, watercolor painting is closest to me. I devoted the last few years for it. I like the landscapes of northern nature most of all - Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Lofoten islands, etc. I like the sea, mountains, mountain rivers and lakes, mysterious foggy forests. Films and photographs of these places inspire me, but I believe that someday I will be able to visit them personally and see this beauty with my own eyes. In addition, I like to write plants and flowers. My favorites are peonies and hydrangeas.
Watercolor for me is about sincerity. This is not oil or acrylic. You can’t cover up a bad place here. Watercolor does not forgive mistakes. It's like a challenge to yourself. In addition, watercolor is a kind of meditation, I completely immerse myself in the process. I don’t see or hear anything around, my mind is transported there, to that place in the picture, sometimes it seems to me that I even feel the smell, wind ...

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