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Ekaterina Larina


Ekaterina is an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of contemporary art and Decorative and Applied art. The author's method consists in the study of the human habitat - in the city, nature or human relations. The series of works "Love stories" is devoted to relationships, where the symbiosis of illustration and graphics is chosen as the visual language. The main focus of attention is on sensuality, flirting and physical attraction of people. All art works are filled with romance

Moscow Architectural Institute Design of Architectural Environment
British Academy of Design
Watercolor school "Art Dreams"
Vladislav Tatarinov School of Painting
Maria Sedoshenko's course "Modern Art Environment"
has been working as a Full-time artist since 2019.
Works are sold in online and offline galleries in Russia and Europe.
Ekaterina's works are in private collections in the USA, Germany, France and Russia

Ekaterina Larina



2016 - Personal exhibition of Sochi Olympic Village
2017 - Central Telegraph. Group exhibition "Center of Attraction"
2019 - International "World Of Creativity" Moscow.
2019 - Artflection Moscow, Danilovsky Hall Moscow, Russia, Russia
2020 International "Great Russia" Moscow Moscow, Russia, Russia
2022 - Residence "Kolomna through the eyes of artists" Ozerov House.

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