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Ekaterina Voloshina


I love to work with oil, acrylic on canvas and mix.
I get inspired by the life around me and the nature – its powerful beauty, endless strength. I find it exciting to learn from nature: observe, analyze and understand rich color relationships.
In my pictures I express my feelings of kindness, love, beauty. Through my art I hope to move and inspire others, make them smile and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.

Born in 1985 in Komsomolsk on Amur, now lives in Moscow, Russia.
1994-1999 - Art School
2017 - Online painting courses
2020 - Online course of contemporary art
2021 - Graduated from the Academy of Art Therapy
2020 - Professional Union of Artists.
2022 - International Association of independent artists ASM-Club.

Ekaterina Voloshina



2022, Exhibition "Blooming Spring", Moscow, Russia.
2022, Exhibition "Successful art", Gallery "Urbanfresco", Moscow, Russia.
2022, Exhibition "New Horizons", Moscow, Russia.
2022, Exhibition "The city where the soul rests", Sochi, Russia.
2021, Exhibition "Starfall", Gallery "Zdes na Taganke", Moscow, Russia.
2021, Exhibition "Ecology of consciousnesst", Museum and Exhibition Complex of Lyubertsy, Moscow, Russia.
2021, Exhibition "Dreams of summer", Club "Idea" of Lyubertsy, Moscow, Russia.
2021, Exhibition "Amur in my heart", Komsomolsk on Amur ,Russia
2020, Exhibition "The creative world", Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2019, Contemporary painting and graphics "Festive season", Moscow, Russia

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