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In my paintings of the "Transformation" collection, you can see, behind the bright chaotic lines of colors, the face of a person. It's not just like that! This is you, temporarily found yourself in the center of an imaginary picture. I want you to perceive it as if from within. Give free rein to your fantasies!
Thought - Fantasy - Feelings
My goal is to create, with the help of my paintings, a so-called meditation, where your thoughts and feelings will find a single direction.

The first small recognition and fame came after school, and then regional exhibitions of paintings in watercolor and black and white pencil paintings and portraits.
Then a long break from studying and working in the profession, after which the return to my favorite pastime - to draw.
Artistic career began with fashion illustration and digital painting. Created quick sketches at fashion shows, drew portraits, helped fashion designers, designed logos, icons, created drawings for billboards..
Then I took a great interest in children's illustration. Now I am an illustrator-designer of more than 25 books, magazines and manuals for children.
At the moment I am painting positive acrylic paintings in the style of Orphism.




2022 Moscow, Russia. The painting "Free Flight" participated in the exhibition "(U)dacha Art" in the gallery URBANFRESCO.
2021 Online exhibition of creative youth "ZOOM SIMPLICITY. Beauty in simplicity"

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