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Elena Fedorova


Art is able to bring the soul and the life to the interiors. It's no need to understand my works, it is just enough to love them, like the beauty of nature. You can get zen, looking at them. Painting is the language which helps me to convey everything that can't be expressed the other way"

Elena Fedorova was born in 1984 in the most eco-friendly area of the Moscow region. Since childhood, she was fond of drawing and botany, sketching everything she saw. Her work is multifaceted. She creates both stylized images of nature and architecture, and abstraction. Though mostly painting with ink, rich color also can be found in her works.

Since 2020 and during the pandemic she has been focusing on how the art in the interior influence a person, as well as the principles of composition and hanging, design and lighting. The interiors and their decor she creates using natural materials.

"My art is a sensual study of nature and beauty as a physical and mathematical phenomenon. I talk with the viewer through composition and color. In my works I use the following techniques: Chinese painting, sketching with markers, acrylic, street art. I draw while traveling or being on vacation, inspired. Before starting, I always meditate to get myself into a positive mind set
to convey the idea as accurately as I can, eliminating all what is unnecessary."

2020 "The Interior school", online course "Art in the Interior"
2012-2018 Chinese painting and calligraphy courses led by the Russian and Chinese masters (Kasyanenko Elena, Pan Yi, Laoshi Liu Fengwen, and others)
2004-2009 Moscow Institute of Architecture, the thesis' topic: "Ego-city".
2000-2004 Moscow College of Architecture and Management in Construction, major in architecture
1996-2000 Art school

Elena Fedorova



2022 Chinese Cultural Center
2022 "The World Through the Eyes of Architects"
2021 Chinese Cultural Center, The exhibition dedicated to the 9th anniversary of the Center
2020 Soul INK "The painting of a Soul", the online exhibition and contest, winner
2020 "The World Through the Eyes of Architects", the online exhibition
2016-2019 "The World Through the Eyes of Architects", the annual Christmas exhibition, a permanent participant
1998 Art Festival for Children

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