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Elena Hoffmann


Abstract Realism is an incredible direction of painting where images and meanings are born through one's inner state. It only takes a few brush strokes and you can feel what's going to happen on the canvas. It gives me a feeling of inner freedom and drive. There is no right or wrong, everything is allowed here.

You can paint with charcoal, you can use structure paste or rust. I attach particular importance to the tried and tested, ecological Aquarylic paints, which were developed by an Austrian

Freelance artist and teacher.

I am originally from the Caucasus, Russia. I currently live in Germany at the Lake of Constance.


- Art School, Russia.

- Free Art Academy Artpassion, Dornbirn, Austria


- Draftswoman in a design office

- Illustrator

- Lecturer for art courses at the free art academy Artpassion in Dornbirn, Austria

Direction of painting:

- Abstract realism.


Acrylic, water, structure paste, rust, construction dust, bitumen.

Elena Hoffmann



International Art exhibition at Gallery Opportunities Lab, Moskau: I.AM.WOMAN! I.AM.UNIVERSE! with the artwork: "Waking up"

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