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Elena Shevcova


I create oil paintings. Through my paintings I want to show others how beautiful this world is. Each of my new paintings is a new story. In which I try to share with the audience my mood and feelings that have changed the world.
Every day I do self-study, study books on the technique and technology of oil painting. I am inspired by paintings of old masters, walks in the park.

Since childhood, I have admired people who could convey their ideas on canvas. But painting came into my life only in adulthood. Since 2017, she has been actively engaged in the studio of Tatiana Korepanova. In 2021, Ode entered the school of painting "Graphics" in Perm. I'm taking online master classes.

Elena Shevcova



"Perfect summer" LINES Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2022.
"Successful art" URBANFRESCO, Moscow, 2022.
"Light and Shadow" Contrast GalleryYekaterinburg 2021.

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