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Elena Tarasova Dudu


I am inspired by the colors that surround us. A simple object, it may be a puddle, but how many reflections there are in it - the sky, foliage, color from a passing car and it's all just impossible to miss. The plot itself may mean nothing, but the play of colors and shadows, emotion make you stop at this moment.

My name is Elena Tarasova, I was born and live in Nizhny Novgorod. Graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Technical University with a degree in engineering. As a child, I dreamed of studying at an art school, but it didn't work out. She came to painting at the end of 2019. The spontaneous decision to try to paint oil paintings turned into a great love and the work of my whole life. I studied independently, and also took mentoring of professional artists. I am constantly improving my skills, I like to try new things, I am currently mastering watercolor. In the course of my main work, I developed the habit of noticing the smallest details and shades, which later resulted in a desire to paint realistic paintings. I paint landscapes, still lifes, animals. I am inspired by the shades of nature. Solar glare and reflections, the play of light and shadows on objects, smooth transitions, the vividness of colors and the filling of paintings with shades of wildlife - all these are components of my author's style. In each new work I want to express my feelings about everything that surrounds us and share it with others.

Elena Tarasova Dudu



December 2022 I am a member of the jury of the Creative 2022 contest of the opencalls project, the Art Award community.
November 2022 Exhibition "Orange mood". Parma, Italy.
August 2022 Online exhibition-competition "Water Spaces", opencalls project, Art Award community. She received an award for the 3rd place in the competition.
May - June 2021 The exhibition "Earth. Version 20.21. What happened after?". Darwin Museum. Moscow.

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