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Eva Mozer (Eva E.V.)


Pictures can inspire

I am a musicologist who revealed the talent of an artist. I was accepted into the Union of Artists of Russia. Became a member of N. Safronov's project "Artists for Artists". I participate in art projects.

Eva Mozer (Eva E.V.)




From the current: I participate in the art project "City Code", in a large-scale exhibition on the streets of St. Petersburg, in the exhibition of artists from around the world "By the selfie method", Moscow. Previously: online and offline exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Magnitogorsk: "Art new year market" St. Petersburg ARTON gallery, "Inside" St. Petersburg ARTON gallery, "exhibition of paintings" Saint-Petersburg W&P galleries, International Exhibition-Competition of Floral Art "Flower Kingdom"! Moscow, "Night of the Arts" called "Nekhandra", Magnitogorsk, Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Infinity of More", St. Petersburg.

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