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Evie Colourt


Through joy to the highest.

Hi, I am Yaroslava Nikolaienko, happy to welcome you here!

I was born in sunny city of Odessa on the south of Ukraine in 1997.

Since childhood I was passioinate about arts and crafts and gave all myself to that.

My city is well known by the strong school of impressionistic art since 19th century due to its sunny climat.

Patrons always took good care of art development in my region since old times. Everybody who ever been to my city knows its special vibe.

2012-2016 I was studying in Odesa Art College under Nikolay Dudchenko and Valeriy Garya. That was the place where I absorbed the knowledge of the old masters, my predecessors, where I discovered secret treasures of colour and opened the whole new world of Art.

Only there I had realised that art is, literally, magic in law. There are oficial institutions to teach art, it is accepted, classified and honoured by society, but only those who are inside can understand what is really going on.

Art is just a shortcut on the way to the Highest.

I wish that everybody could feel that magic ever in his life.

I would be happy if my paintings would help you to come closer to it.

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