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Fatima Dzhanayeva


The process of creation itself is a path from an idea, a sketch, through the ritual of unpacking the canvas, choosing colours, brushes, mastichins. Then the application of the texture - either you already "see" how the finished picture plays with all the colors, or you just give yourself to the process being surprised at unexpected fascinating nuances due to the structure. Finally, metallic effects enliven the picture and give to it something special and sometimes a completely different angle.

I was born in the former USSR, and have been living in Germany (Bavaria) for 25 years. The path to myself as an artist was long and difficult. But it gave me a lot of life experience and the opportunity to master more than one profession. The creative ones - creative buyer of materials and designer of clothes.
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Becoming an Artist has always been my dream, and finally the dream came true.
I am fond of sketching, children's illustration, drawing portets in watercolor and Photoshop.
And, of course, my favorite is structural interior painting. I started learning this technique about a year ago and fell in love with it from the first time. With the help of a variety of textures, you can easily convey both very subtle nuances and rough structures. The picture lives, conveying all the variety of shades at different angles and under different lighting.
In addition, there is such a variety of techniques and there are simply no boundaries for creativity.
You notice beautiful moments in life and so you want to display it on canvas to decorate the space with them, both your own and other people.
Both the application of texture to the canvas and the application of color is a kind of meditative state that transfers to another world, gives relaxation and at the same time nourishes the body and soul with something beautiful, for which I do not yet have a name ...

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