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I like to bring beauty to life because I was surrounded by beauty throughout my childhood. I like to mix different colors, to experiment, to mix different materials: dry and oil pastel, chalk coal, sepia, sangina, chalk, tempera, acrylic, oil.
I am constantly learning to achieve a high level of mastery. I want to create as many beautiful paintings as it is possible, to paint life with positive colors, so that people looking at the paintings can feel at ease and peace.

I was born in Balakovo, Saratov district in 1973 after safe escape of my parents from fire in St.Petersburg where I was supposed to be born.
My father is Polish, born in Russia, my mother is Russian.
My mother has told me that the first my word was “a pen”. And as soon as I was given it, I began to draw on the walls and myself.
My father worked as a builder then as a restorer so my room was always decorated with beautiful ornaments and colours.
So I was surrounded by colours and beauty from my birth.
I was studying in musical, circus and an art schools. When I was 12 my parents moved to Moscow where another part of my life began.
My first education was economic, then philological. But I devoted 20 years of my life to aviation and travelled around the world.
During pandemia the life slowed down and I remembered about my passion to Art.
I studied in an Art school for adults and thein in Art University by Stroganov.
I took the 3rd place in an Art school in winter competition with my painting “Childhood of Masha”.
Took the 1st place in the University for my plein air work with my painting “Haystacks at sunset”.
There were 50 plein air and 8 exhibitions where I took part in 2022.
It is planned to take part in charity auction in 2023, where 3 my paintings were chosen.
Now I am writing a book with my own illustrations and I am planning to publish it in two languages.
Many my paintings are in private collections in Russia.
I am happy to give as much beauty as it is possible to colour the life in bright colours.




January 2021 – Exhibition in “Adult Art School” where I took the 3rd place with my painting “Childhood of Masha”.
14 December 2021 - 9 January 2022 – Exhibition “Stroganov traditions”. It was held in the museum and exhibition center «Tushino», the state budget institution of culture of Moscow.
11 June - 21 August 2022 – Exhibition “Wow” in Taganka gallery “Here”, the state budget institution of culture of Moscow.
1 - 15 October 2022 – exhibition «Unspoken, blue, tender…» timed to the 127th anniversary of the birth of a soviet poet Yesenin in House of Culture “Gaidarovets”, the state budget institution of culture of Moscow.
15 October - 7 November 2022 – exhibition «Stroganov plein air» in Tarussa Art gallery. Took the 1st place among students for the painting “Haystacks at sunset”.
23 December 2022 – 15 January 2023 – Exhibition “View to the East” Tradition of Russian and Chinese Art schools.
24 December 2022 - 12 February 2023 – Exhibition “Gifts under Christmas tree” in Taganka Gallery “Here” the state budget institution of culture of Moscow.
16 March 2023 – take part in Charity Auction “the Second life”. 50 artists, including myself were chosen among 470 artists. Charitiy auction is held in Ostankino TV Tower, where the new Art space «Crystal Gallery» opens, where we will be the first. Media coverage is planned to be large with the support of the Moscow City Duma.

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