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In botanical art I admire beauty of the artistic image of the plant, incredibly fine work and details. I like to depict spectacular lush plants, full of life, with their expressive advantages and disadvantages. In the composition I try to keep the most natural position of the plant in nature.
I work on my "Grow and draw" project, I grow plants at home and in the garden and create images of different stages of growth. I think, growing plant from small seed helps to understand the object better.

I was born in Russia and worked as structural steel engineer, like a hobby I decided to go to art school and it's changed my life. Now I'm full time professional botanical artist, living in Hungary. I like to grow and paint plants, botanical illustration it's a long process, almost photorealistic and with lots of details, it's some kind of meditation for me and makes me feel closer to nature.




2022 Plantae Society of Botanical artists SBA, London, Mall Galleries
2022 "Tasty botany" Gostiny dvor, Moscow
2022 "Tasty new year" Pavilion "Floriculture" VDNKh, Moscow
2021 "Modern botanical illustration" Gallery "Zagorie" Moscow
2021 "Black and white" in Promgrafika, Moscow
2021 "Plants through the eyes of artists" Moscow, Pavilion "Floriculture" VDNKh
2021 "Ball of the Queen of Flowers"» Kislovodsk
2021 "About roses" Sochi
2021"Autumn exhibition of SABA", St. Petersburg
2021 Annual exhibition of Russian Botanical Artists Society, Moscow
2020 Annual exhibition of Russian Botanical Artists Society, Moscow

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