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My art is the reflection of my journey towards the true self through gradual implementation of healthier practices. Through contrasting imagery of bright & dark, beautiful & twisted, realism & ornamental patterns I aim to inspire & validate, inform & bring peace. 
I share my personal stories and my newfound energy having come to the most natural state I have ever been in and hoping to spread this power

I was born in Klaipeda, Lithuania in 1989, where I learnt the basics of academical drawing. Between 2009-2011 I furthered my skills at the Graphics & Printmaking course at the Vilnius Arts Academy, until, having reached artistic burnout, I left for a big city life in London, UK. 
In that time I had worked various jobs, while keeping art on the background at all times, increasing my desire to create more and more and engaging in drawing or painting with higher frequency as time went on. Finally, in 2015 I quit my day job and went into art full time, trying different things, from live portraits to digital logos. 
That was also the year I had met the main influence on my artistic path (and in life). Who first became my mentor, then partner and then worst enemy and teacher. During that period, 2015 - 2021, I diversified my artistic practices even more, started heading closer to more sustainable practices in daily routies and left London for a life in the countryside.
This served as an even greater force in self discovery. I realised, that if I wanted to truly live a more sustainable life I had to change the way I created art as well, so I began researching eco-friendly ways of art-making.
 Meanwhile, all the lessons I had leant from the relationship with my mentor gave me direction. 
Due to all this, now, I express myself mostly through painting, using eggs from my chickens and pigments to create tempera paint or linseed oil and pigments to create oil paint, sometimes painting on recycled boards or repurposed canvases. My style still reflects the classic art education I had received in Lithuania, with realistic imagery and graphic rhythmical elements interlaced with each other and my self-development and introspection serve as a boundless source of inspiration.




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