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Ira Selina


The muse may visit me suddenly while reading a book or meditating or talking with friends. And then the flow of inspiration cannot be expressed in words, but it is possible to capture in the pictures the feelings and emotions that engulf me. In my paintings, the voice of the soul is heard, with which I speak with the viewer, giving him joy, tranquility, beauty and satisfaction.

The artist grew up in the multinational city of Astrakhan, where the spiritual East and the industrial West are combined in everyday life, which, of course, greatly influenced her worldview. While studying at the children's art school №1, she forever fell in love with graphics, drawing, watercolor and applied art. She is inspired by the works of Louis Tiffoni, Mikhail Vrubel, Alphonse Mucha, Antonio Gaudi, Nicholas Roerich and Ivan Bilibin. The artist combines and experiments with various techniques, styles and colors in her works.

In 2019 she has a personal exhibition in the city of Moscow "Kaleidoscope of colors" in the technique of stained glass painting on glass. The artist actively participates in international exhibitions and places her works on online gallery platforms, as well as her paintings are in private collections. She recently completed the 12-work project "The Change of the Seasons" based on the paintings of Alphonse Mucha, transferring his graphic images to stained-glass paintings in pastel colors.

The artist currently lives and works in Moscow. She studies the creation of Roman and modern mosaics, and also continues a series of paintings dedicated to Celtic mythology in the style of color graphics.

Ira Selina


2022 - International Exhibition "Form of Color" CONTRAST GALLERY, Yekaterinburg.
2022 - International exhibition "IMPULSE" CONTRAST GALLERY, Yekaterinburg.
2017-2022 – "Colors of Humanity", Art Gallery.
2021 - International exhibition "ART-details" CONTRAST GALLERY, Yekaterinburg.
2021 – International exhibition at gallery at Artexpo, New York.
2021 - International Dog Show at VOGUE III, London.
2021 - Participant of the international competition "TIME GOLDEN TALENT", Great Britain.
2019 – Personal exhibition “Kaleidoscope of colors”, Moscow.
2018 - "Winter Postcards", Moscow.
2018 – International competition “Ethno Art Fest”, Moscow.
2017 - International competition of small format works "Un Seul Grain de Riz", Paris.
2016 – International competition “Ethno Art Fest”, Moscow, London.
2017 - Magazine Magazine, 43
2016 – International catalog "I AM - International Art Masters"
2006-2019 - Designer, collections of poems and literary almanacs of the authors of the "Members of the Writers' Union" of various cities of Russia.

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