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I convey to the viewer a positive mood and freshness of perception of reality. While I draw - I live!  😁 My goal is to convey emotions and mood through color and shape, landscape in abstraction.  Recently, I like the combination of abstraction and realism or sea and mountain landscape, animalistics, flowers in one picture - as if through my illusory imagination I still see reality, slowly adding animals, birds, butterflies. I am an artisan artist who fulfills orders for painting walls - from a photo, but with the author's style and putting a piece of my soul.

IREN TROI was born in January 1979 in Moscow.  She graduated from art school in Troitsk, graduated from the Moscow College of Artistic Crafts in 2003 with honors.  The theme of the thesis is the Renaissance.  Direction: art painting of walls, drawing pictures of landscape, abstraction, art painting of furniture. Since 2004, she has been carrying out orders for painting walls and paintings. Since 2020, I have been giving drawing lessons to children. I participate in exhibitions, art projects, study and practice new drawing techniques. I live in Krasnogorsk, the apartment is also my workshop.  I have a dream to create my own gallery, workshop, make a personal exhibition, find my own style.  I love to create, contemplate beauty, because beauty will save the world! I am happy to share with the children whom I teach drawing, what I can do.




Participant of exhibitions PASTELium (EURASIAN ART UNION), Art against politics, Selfie method, Capitals of the world, nftelka, exhibition of the best graduates of the Children's Art School in Troitsk (Moscow)

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