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Irina Bach


Painting for me is my philosophy, my dreams, my vision of life processes.
Through color and forms, I convey my reality and at the same time challenge it, which also requires the viewer to have his own interpretation, contemplation and sensations.

Irina Bach was born in Siberia in Russia. She has lived and worked in Germany since 1996. She has been drawing and illustrating since childhood. Member of the women artist group "kunst18" in Germany. She prefers to paint on large canvases with oil or acrylic paints.
Studied at the Elena Belikova Academy for Painting in Karlsruhe, Germany and at the Julia Altas School of Art in New York, USA
Irina's artworks are vibrant and vibrant with explosions of color and freedom that reflect the intensity of her own view of the world. She is a true creator and inventor, always looking for new art forms and techniques to express her inner self. For her, painting is her philosophy, her dreams, her visions of life processes.
Through color and form, she conveys and challenges her reality at the same time, which also requires the viewer's own interpretation, observation and sensitivity.
Irina took part in exhibitions and international competitions in France, Germany and the United States. Irina's large format paintings combined with her unique free-flowing techniques and signature style have earned her widespread recognition and her works have been sold to private collectors in Romania, France, Russia and Germany. Numerous articles from the press have reported about her and her artworks.

Irina Bach




2022 "The Glass Bead Game" exhibition within the framework of the Festival dedicated to the work of Hermann Hesse, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2021 "Window on the World" International Society of Emigrants Chicago, USA
2021 "Vienna remembers, the Alps and the Danube remember..". Consulate General of the Russian Federation Frankfurt.
2020 „Pearls of Baden Württemberg" Fortress Yard, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2020 „I'm taking off my hat“ Gallerycafe Artin Karlsruhe, Germany.
2020 „Window of Hope“ Cultural Cuisine, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2020 „ Taste of Life", Artcafe "Lightning", Karlsruhe, Germany

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