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Irina Banini

artisan craftsman

The artist's statement: "I want to convey to people that stained glass and mosaics are not only what we see in churches and cathedrals, but also that this is modern art and anyone can master it."

My work in stained glass and mosaic work began relatively recently, starting in 2018. It all started with the fact that a colleague at work told a story that later turned my life in a different direction. For which she is very grateful.
And it was like that. Her husband gave her a certificate for a one-day workshop on Roman glass tile mosaics for her birthday. I was very interested in this and I decided to go not to the master class, but to the course on the basics of mosaic. The course included the production of several works with different materials. One work was in the technique of Roman mosaics made of natural stone, the second of glass tiles, and the third of stained glass. I finished the month course and decided to move on. I was so fascinated by working with stained glass that I took another course on making products using the Tiffany stained glass technique and mastered the basic knowledge of fusing. After finishing the Art Stained Glass course, I already decided to go further and gain practice. With a glass teacher, we have done several successful projects together.
Since then, it's been 4 years since I've been doing my favorite thing. Now I have my own workshop in which I conduct master classes for both children and
and adults.

Irina Banini



May 2022, URBANFRESCO gallery, Moscow, exhibition "Good mood"
April 2022, URBANFRESCO gallery, Moscow, exhibition "By the selfie method: self-presentation of the artist"
March 2022, Artssloboda art space, Moscow, organization and curation of an exhibition of works in Tiffany and mosaic technique
July 2021, Art play, Moscow, Art Dom exhibition of Russian designer furniture, designer interior items and art
May 2021, Gelendzhik city exhibition hall, exhibition of folk craft
November 2020, gallery Zagorye, Moscow, exhibition "Animalism in antique mosaic"

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