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Irina Ivonina

Today, as an artist, I am looking for harmony. There is some inner anxiety, a sense of loss and strong personal feelings. Color in painting is my soul. In my paintings I reject superficial and external aestheticism. I use color, texture, dynamics to reveal sensual energy and convey the state. My favorite style is impressionism, with elements of abstractionism and minimalism. The practice of oil painting with a palette knife does not let me go, opening up new possibilities. Plasticity and volume, color spots and lines, a mixture of transparent layers with pasty and confident strokes of a palette knife.

Irina Ivonina has been immersed in her creative world since childhood. She was born and lives in Russia in the Northern Urals. After graduating from art school, she received a classical education at an art school. And her path to artistic practice has not stopped since then. The amazing diversity of nature: pine and cedar forests, birch-aspen forest-steppes, mountain rivers, waterfalls, the beauty of the Ural Mountains gave the artist creative energy. From 2003-2009, she studied in the specialty "Fine Arts", specialization "The Art of Painting" at the State Social and Pedagogical Academy. The artist did not adhere to only one chosen style in her work, she experimented with various genres, techniques and materials. In graphics and painting, she used mixed media, combinations of various artistic materials, realistic and abstract images, striving for a new sensual experience. This was followed by a long period of work with children in an orphanage, a comprehensive school, teaching the subject "Fine Arts". In January 2021, Irina actively began to develop and rethink her artistic practice, and left teaching. There was a desire to show his art to the public. There were opportunities to create and work in the world of commercial art. Today she develops her talent in the genre of oil painting. Her works are spontaneous and free, imbued with expression and innuendo, and are in private collections in America, Europe and Asia. Irina Ivonina uses color, texture and dynamics to reveal sensual energy in her paintings. He continues to experiment with plasticity and volume, color spots and lines, mixing transparent layers with pasty and confident palette knife strokes. The desire to combine oil painting with new artistic materials is the basis for her further creative searches.

Irina Ivonina



2022 - Exhibition "By the selfie method", URBANFRESCO Gallery, Moscow
Student exhibitions at the HGF 2003-2009 Nizhny Tagil Social-Pedagogical Academy

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