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Jenny Andreeva


For the past several years I see my art as an island of tranquility in a broken world with its wars, pandemics and suffering. I’m looking for beauty in simple things and fixing these impressions on paper, just to remember how beautiful life is.

Jenny Andreeva is a watercolor artist from Moscow now based in Berlin. Born in 1989, she graduated from Moscow State University and spent 11 years as a journalist and editor in various news outlets and companies. In her early thirties she decided to change her career because of the political situation in Russia and because of understanding that being an artist is her actual calling. In 2021 she moved to Berlin with her family and now discovers a new culture and learns German. Since 2020 Jenny has taken part in various international exhibitions. Her first personal exhibition in Berlin is planned for October 2022. The artworks of Jenny Andreeva are stored in private collections in Russia, Czechia, Austria, Germany, Italy and the USA.

Jenny Andreeva



2022 Mujeres que inspiran y enamoran (Salieris de Van Gogh Gallery)
2022 Love & Peace online art exhibition organised in support of Ukrainian people
2022 International Watercolor festival in Tirana (Albania)
2021 Faces (honourable mention, Art Room Gallery)
2021 The Sea (Salieris de Van Gogh Gallery)
2020 Martha’s Vineyard the Way We See It (Featherstone Center for the Arts)

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