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Julie Rullie


"Ideas for paintings often come in dreams, they can be allegorical, but often carry prophetic meaning and come true within a few years. This was the case with the portrait of Stalin, he dreamed to me on the eve of a special operation and said: "Koba will return...".
"For me to write a portrait is to get the highest pleasure, as if to dive into the soul of another person and try to pull out of it all the most interesting, not only purely external resemblance, but something sacred."

Julie Rullie was born 14.12.1990 in sunny Anapa. She grew up in a creative family. At the age of twelve the love for drawing grew into enrollment in art school.
After graduating from high school, parents did not support in the desire to enter the art and graphic faculty, was chosen another - advertising and design.
For several years I worked as a personal assistant to a famous millionaire, it was rich interesting years of my life, but something was missing and I began to write oil paintings at night.
With 2018 drastic changes in life began with an accident, a painful divorce from my husband - a tyrant and leaving to freely search for a style in painting.
The year 2020 was filled with traveling in Russia and Europe, acquaintance in museums with works of art of great masters. Acquaintance with a modern creator, under the pseudonym "Mr. Artist" also influenced the formation of his style.
The year 2021 was fateful in life, marking the birth of not only beautiful canvases, but also the main masterpiece-son Miron.
The birth of a son had a sacred meaning: the former Julia died and a new one was born. There came a flow of energy and internal fire, which is not sold in tubes of paint, but is born at the contact of the artist's soul and brush.
Motifs in the work are stylistic portraits, which allegorically reflect the events associated with the depicted person. In addition to portraits, the work includes impressionistic landscapes, made in the path of the artist's soul.
The motifs in the work are stylistic portraits that allegorize events related to the person being portrayed. In addition to portraits, the work includes impressionistic landscapes made while traveling.

Julie Rullie



2021 - participation in the online exhibition "Art Portrait" (Art Alebrio)
2023 - participation in the online exhibition "Lucky" (Art Alebrio)
2023 - participation in the international competition Artex Exellence Awards

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