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Yulia Ivanova is a painter. She has been drawing since her childhood, but she consciously started to do it in 2018, when creativity became not just a hobby, but an income. With each order, with each admiration over her work Julia enjoys and loves her work more and more.
Julia paints realistic interior paintings in oil, tempera and acrylic, and has also been customizing clothes for 4 years.

Yulia was born in 1998 in Tyumen, Russia.
She has loved drawing since childhood, so she went to art school, where she got the basics of drawing, and then developed her creative skills on her own at home.
At some point she was offered to do clothes customization. The result was 4 years of work in that field.
At the same time she was painting wedding designs, tattoo designs, made-to-order portraits, painted wedding bottles and glasses, but everything seemed "wrong".
After a while, the idea to paint interior paintings came up, which inspired Yulia a lot.
Throughout her experience, she has mastered materials such as - simple pencils, colored pencils, acrylics, oil and tempera. Julia chose paints because they inspire her to create beauty.
Creativity allows her to express herself, to move away from unnecessary thoughts and just create for pleasure. Therefore Julia's paintings are charged with positive energy, love and inner harmony.

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