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Lara Chiga


In painting I like different styles and directions. I am constantly looking for the best way to interpret my ideas about myself and the world I live in.
I have always been attracted to textured surfaces. That’s why I often use mastikhin and texture paste. The surfaces of my paintings are very tactile, sometimes resembling a mosaic of paint strokes.
With the help of color and texture, I express my emotions on canvas, and I want each space to be filled with positive, because art influences our condition, changes the mood and inspires.

The artist Larisa Chigirina was born in 1987 in Astrakhan.
Since childhood he has been interested in art. Larissa is a designer by education. This helps her even now when composing, combining colors and choosing each work for a particular interior style.
She also worked as a graphic designer for 10 years. At that time she did not draw at all. She realized that she wanted to return to brushes and colors and went to art school for evening classes. Then she took private art lessons from an Astrakhan painter.
Since 2019, Larissa has positioned herself primarily as an artist. He actively publishes his works on Russian and foreign markets and in Internet galleries. Her paintings are in private collections in the United States, Europe, Australia and Russia.
Favorite Media: Oil, Acrylic
Directions and styles: abstract art, animalism, realism, decorative painting.

Lara Chiga



2022, Exhibition "According to Selfie method", Moscow
2022, Charity project Artist to Artist "NFT-Yolka"
2021, International online contemporary art competition
2021, International online auction of contemporary art "Art is Art"

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