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Larisa Robins


I feel a need to transfer images of the natural world to paper or canvas and watercolour became my first medium. Later I had the desire to try my hand at oils and more recently I have moved through texture paste and resin art ending in modern three-dimensional painting. My paintings are more realistic than abstract, but I attempt to combine classical and abstract styles in anything I create. I believe the marriage works, and I truly hope that others feel the same when they view the results.

I was born in a small town in Russia and since childhood I loved to paint and draw, even attending a local art school. I dreamed of becoming an artist, but life took me down a different track and I became an economist. There was no time to be creative through university, my career and family commitments, so only later in life (after moving to live in England in 2012) did I once again have both the time and desire to draw; to express my moods and emotions in pictures.

The nature in England struck me with its variety of floral shapes and colours. I would walk through parks and gardens spellbound, and could not take my eyes off the unearthly beauty of my new environment.

To further my ability as an artist I joined a number of local art societies; initially choosing those that ran educational courses, but then moving to those that organised events where my pictures could be displayed. I currently hold the status of Exhibiting Member with two local societies and regularly exhibit in both Winchester and Farnham, where I have gained recognition and even first prizes for paintings I have entered in past exhibitions.

I always strive to learn new ideas to keep my work fresh, using both new techniques and materials. Therefore, I can probably call myself a multi-artist. The creative process for me is like air, without which I cannot breathe. Each of my works is a piece of me; my perception of the world around me and my emotional response.

Larisa Robins



Farnham Art Society yearly exhibitions since 2016
Winchester Art Club yearly exhibitions since 2016
Downend Art Society exhibitions 2012 to 2016

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