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Lena Langer


My paintings are the reaction and emotions that I feel when in contact with the surrounding reality. The movement of life, the energy of color and music affect my inner world.
Especially music as an area of feelings and moods, inspires me to new discoveries and transformations. She helps me bring my thoughts to life on canvas.

Lena Langer is an abstract artist from Russia.

Since 2021 she has been regularly participating in Russian exhibitions and competitions. Her artworks are in private collections in Russia and the USA.

In 2022 she graduated from the School of Abstractionism founded by the President of the Union of Abstractionists of Russia (SABROS). Also this year she became a member of the Trade Union of Artists of Russia and the Eurasian Art Union (a guild of abstract artists).

Lena uses different materials for her paintings:

- acrylic,
- oil,
- gold leaf,
- texture pastes,
- ink.

In her artistic practice she talks about the essence of objects and modern reality, about the connection between matter and space and also likes to talk about the art of music.

Enjoying the abstract composition and texture she often chooses a discreet color scheme, but fills it with images and meanings with her unique soft energy. The mixing of materials is a characteristic feature of her work.

She plunges into the artistic process as if into meditation, in order to create on a white canvas a “different” landscape, “different” images of people, a “different” world.

She has several series of painting such as "Faceless", "Calming colors", "Dance" and "Melody" in mixed media. You can see some of the artwork in this gallery. Her artworks are presented in a variety of sizes and themes, which can be freely combined in different places in the house or make a great gift for any occasion.

Lena Langer



- Participant of the exhibition "Women's Beginning", gallery G_Gallery (October 2022 - January 2023, Samara);
- Participant of the charity exhibition "For the Benefit of Arseniy Sizov",
gallery G_Gallery (October 2022, Samara);
- Participant of the International Exhibition "Russian Season 2022", Vernissage creative unions of Russia (October - November 2022);
- Participant of the XIV season of the International Competition ART EXCELLENCE AWARDS Art. Perfection. Recognition" (October 2022);
- Participant of the annual group exhibition "Our talents" in
exhibition hall of MBUK "TsKI" (September - October 2022, Elektrougli);
- Participant of the International exhibition of contemporary art "Talent
Russia", Western wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery (August 2022, Moscow city);
- Participant of the International Festival of Abstract Art "ABSTRACTUM" (June - July 2022, St. Petersburg);
- Member of the group exhibition "WOW!" in the gallery "Here on Taganka" (June - August 2022, Moscow),
- Participant of the International festival-competition of the symbolic
art "ZEN ART FESTIVAL" (June 2022, Moscow);
- Participant of the group online exhibition "Winged Swing" (May -
June 2022);
- Participant of the group exhibition "New Names" in the gallery "ART Box" (May -June 2022, Moscow);
- Personal exhibition "BE DIFFERENT" in the MBUK exhibition hall
"TsKI" (April - May 2022, Elektrougli);
- Winner in the online exhibition Mix Media Art "Reflection",
nomination "Special attention of the jury" (April - May 2022);
- Participant in the International Exhibition of Abstract Art
"ABSTRACTUM" (April 2022, Moscow),
- Participant of the International exhibition-competition Russian Artweek (March 2022, Moscow);
- Winner in the International exhibition-competition Russian Artweek,
3rd place, nomination "Modernism" (November 2021, Moscow);
- Member of the group exhibition "Artists of the Bogorodsk region",
dedicated to the 240th anniversary of the Bogorodsky District, in the exhibition halls Noginsk branch of the Union of Artists of Russia (September - October 2021, Noginsk)

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