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Liubov Popova


The main message of my work is simple: the world is within us.
I believe that the main role of art is to radiate light, cure depression, give kindness and hope.
My pictures live their own lives, the plots make me draw myself. And inspiration comes from the environment.

She has lived in Taimyr for many years and devoted her work to the theme of the North. The plots of my works are based on the traditions of the present and past of the indigenous Taimyr ethnic groups, as well as on my own observations about the life of my friends in the tundra.
Three of my solo exhibitions have been held in Taimyr.
I currently live in St. Petersburg.

Liubov Popova



"Taimyr stories", personal (2022, August, Krasnoyarsk)
"Perfect summer" (2022, July, St. Petersburg)
"Successful art" (2022, May, Moscow)
"By the selfie method", 2022, online
"Taimyr stories", personal (2022, February, Taimyr)
"Inspired by the tundra" (2018, Krasnoyarsk)
"Taimyr stories", personal (2017, Taimyr)

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