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Liudmila Kurilovich


I paint for the soul and for people. Through painting I show the audience the harmony of the surrounding world and the value of every moment.

Born in Belarus. After graduation, she moved to Russia. Worked as a teacher of mathematics and physics. I started painting 6 years ago. During this time, 16 solo exhibitions took place. The paintings are located in Europe, Canada.

Liudmila Kurilovich



2022 - Group exhibition "Jurgenson Music Printing: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", Palace of Culture Gaidarovets, Moscow
2022 - Group exhibition "Flowers of Victory", Union of Women of Russia, Moscow
2022 - Personal exhibition "Festive bouquet for women", House of Cosmonauts, Star City, Moscow region
2022 - Group exhibition "Plein Air Winter", Rublevo Cultural Center, Moscow
2022 - Group exhibition "Scientific Library of the Future", RUDN University, Moscow
2021-2022-Group exhibition "RUDN University made us friends", RUDN University, Moscow
2021 - 2022 - Personal exhibition "Christmas Kaleidoscope", VDNKh, pav. Beekeeping, Moscow
2021 - Group exhibition "Christmas Meetings", Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow
2021 - Group exhibition Coworking center SWAD, Moscow
2021 - Personal exhibition "I love you people!", V Festival of National Cultures, Reutov
2021 - Group exhibition "Plein Air 2021. Beginning". Gallery In-out, Biblioteka im. S. Voznesensky, Moscow
2021 - Group exhibition "Mother's Blessing", House of Cosmonauts, Star City, Moscow Region
2021 - Group exhibition "Plants and animals of the countries of the world. Latin America”, Library of Foreign Literature named after. Rudomino, Moscow
2021 - Winner of the Native Landscapes competition. Creative workshop of F. Konyukhov, Moscow
2021 - Personal exhibition "So the summer has passed ...". Library them. M. Lermontov, Moscow
2021 - Group exhibition "The Art of Labor". Competition finalist. New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2021 - Winner of the Dali Mustache International Competition, Spain
2021 - Group exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the start of the Second World War. Serafimo-Znamensky Skete, Moscow region
2021 - Group exhibition "The World on the Palette". Library them. A. Akhmatova, Domodedovo
2021 - Personal exhibition "Festive bouquet for women". Gallery "University of Culture", Minsk
2019 - Group exhibition. Russian Art Week, Moscow
2019 - Personal exhibition "Bright joy of the soul". Gallery "University of Culture", Minsk
2019 - Winner of the painting competition in the category "Portrait" at the "Art Week in Greece", Thessaloniki
2019 - Group exhibition "Mysterious brush inscription ...". Central House of Artists, Moscow
2019 - Group exhibition "Jewish woman in the Tanakh and the New Testament". Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow
2018 - Personal exhibition. Center of Slavic Cultures, Moscow
2017 - Personal exhibition "Attraction. Memory of the heart. GUK Center for Culture and Folk Art, Postavy, Vitebsk region
2017 - Personal exhibition. Moscow House of Nationalities, Moscow
2017 - Personal exhibition. "Attraction. Memory of the heart. Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation, Moscow
2017 - Group exhibition. Library No. 196, Moscow
2017 - Group exhibition "Give women flowers." Central House of Journalists, Moscow
2017 - Personal exhibition "Waltz of Flowers". Library No. 196, Moscow
2016 - Group exhibition "Six acres or life on the hacienda". Central House of Artists, Moscow
2016 - Group exhibition "Returning from distant wanderings ...". Central House of Artists, Moscow
2016 - Personal exhibition "Awakening". Regional Museum of Local Lore, Postavy, Vitebsk Region
2016 - Personal exhibition. Cultural and health center "Garden Club", Zelenograd
2016 - Personal exhibition "Awakening". Interethnic public organization "Consent" of the Moscow region, Reutov

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