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Lyudmila Knyazeva


I am an artist of white color that has turned into a rainbow.
Exploring dances of color, strokes and textures.
I use different techniques and materials (oil, acrylic) in my work.
I really like to paint animals, flowers, landscapes and just abstractions of color flows.

I was born and spent most of my life next to the huge Volga River. And this huge flowing stream left a great impression on me. I love to paint streams of light and color.
Now I live near Moscow.
I draw my inspiration from nature. It has life and dances of light, colors, shapes and lines.
Nature gives me its colors and forms. I write them with my vision.
I love impressionism and expressionism.
I paint mostly in oils, but I also enjoy working with acrylics.
I studied painting on my own online.
I studied with such teachers Oksana Sanson, Elena Ilyicheva, Natalya Bazhenova.
My favorite artists are Vrubel, Korovin, Feshin.
I paint mostly with a palette knife and love a wide variety of strokes.

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