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Maria Emelyanova- Churakova


Understand that painting in a realistic manner is not just about copying. This is a reality created in a special way. There is something to see and show here. I live with the thought that art shapes the soul.

Maria Emelyanova-Churakova (1987) was born in Udmurtia, Russia, where she currently lives and works. She studied at a vocation school and university education. Maria is a member of International Federation of Artist's and national Artist's Union of Russia, department painting.

Painting can be simple and exciting. Her subjects focus on simple realistic landscapes, portraits, simple events and ordinary people. We all draw inspiration from the world around us. And she likes to see beauty in inconspicuous places.

Maria is a participant in more than 30 national exhibitions. She also held her solo exhibitions in Russia.

Maria Emelyanova- Churakova



2023 - personal exhibition “Nature and the Artist”, Russia, Udmurtia, Igra
December 2021 - January 2022 - exhibition “I love my Igra ” in the Ludorvai Museum-Reserve, Udmurtia
2022- exhibition “Landscape of the Soul”, Udmurtia
2022- exhibition “Landscape written by the soul”, Udmurtia, Izhevsk

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