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Mariam Mary-Ellen


My dream is to give my paintings owners positive emotions, pleasure and inspiration. I'll paint even if no one pays me, because this is where I get my resources from and without painting I can't imagine myself - painting is part of my soul's mission.

I have almost found my style and decided what I am interested in expressing through my work. I mostly write in realistic technique, inspired by movies, books, music, photos, other artists' works. Sometimes it's all mixed up and poured into a complex plot in the style of metamodernism, and sometimes it's just interior paintings.
I like to paint by oil on canvas and pastels. These materials allows me to create smooth transitions and gradients between shades slowly and meditatively. In addition, these materials allows to show brightness and beauty of the objects as realistic as possible. Sometimes I experiment with alcohol ink and acrylics.

Mariam Mary-Ellen



'- Resident of the international ASM-club - since 2022.
- Participant of the international independent art project "Kunst gegen politik" - spring-summer 2022.
- Participant of the exhibition "By Selfie Method", URBANFRESCO Gallery - Moscow, Apr. 2022 г.
- "Landscapes" group exhibition at Colors of Humanity Gallery, USA, October 2021 (two works).
- Flag at the North Pole, 2018. A certificate of installation of a flag with my name and the names of the other recipients of the Favorite Artists of Bashkiria Award has been issued.
- Favorite Artists of Bashkiria Award, 2018 Winner in the category for artists without special education.
- Article in the book "Favorite Artists of Bashkiria". The first part of the book was released in 2018 and includes articles about the award winners.

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