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Masha SadMe


I paint nature, city streets, buildings, animals and my own thoughts and emotions – everything that makes me passionate to show it the way I see it. I use intense colours because I want my art to be loud, just like my music. I prefer the language of modern art and expressionism instead of realism as for me it is fun to show the usual things not exactly the way they are.

Masha SadMe – the leader of Moscow based rock band SadMe since 2002, but she has always improved her painting skills. Since 2019 Masha made painting her main occupation. She started as a self taught artist and already being 30 years old she went to classic art school to prove herself that everything she was doing was right.
Masha uses oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen, charcoal and ink.
“Art is an oxygen mask, a safety boat, it helps us to find ourselves and makes us stronger, reminds us that life is beautiful when we are looking for beauty”.

Masha SadMe



2022 - ‘The Earth. Ver. 20.22. Why does android need nature?’ – The State Darwin Museum, Moscow
2022 - ‘The Winged Swing. What did you do?’ – Urbanfresco Gallery, Moscow
2022 – ‘Gravity’ – Solo exhibition – Moscow
2021 – ‘Hypnotized’ - Solo exhibition – Moscow
2021 – ‘Conclave party exibition’ by Community Russia - The Central House of the Architect, Moscow
2021 - ‘The Earth. Ver. 20.21. What was after’ - The State Darwin Museum, Moscow

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